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Application Template Empty Application Template

Thu May 28, 2020 5:29 am
What are the expectations
We expect people who apply for developer to have past experience in writing and managing new original plugins as well as take the time to learn to configure and optimize preexisting plugins. The goal we set for our developers is to help to enhance our servers gameplay as much as possible.

• Your name
• Your age
• Any servers you've developed for in the past
• Why you'd like to develop for our server
• Examples of plugins you've written as well as a description of your knowledge of various types of coding such as Java.

Apply by posting the completed template in the Developer Application forum and wait for an admin to reply

Developer - 24th March 2020
Admin - 21st April 2020
Resigned - 30th May 2020
Mod - 30th May 2020
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