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Application Template Empty Application Template

on Thu May 28, 2020 5:33 am
What are our expectations?
- We expect moderators to be mature and responsible with the power they are given and to enforce our policies based on our guidelines through and through without discrimination or bias. We also expect moderators to help players with any technical issues or problems they may have. In addition to this moderators are require to put in a minimum of 14 hours a week(2 hours a day)in-game on our server.

What will increase your likelihood of being accepted?
• Be an active or preexisting member of our playerbase. If you are an outsider or someone whose just joined looking for a moderator position your chances of being chosen are very low
• Present a resume of past staff experience on other servers.
• Have a clean record.(No instances of policy violations on our server)

There is no generalized format to follow to allow candidates to express themselves freely however here are some examples of things you may want to bring up when applying:
• Your name
• Your age
• Why you want to be a moderator on our server
• Why you think you would be qualified to be a moderator on our server

What happens when I am chosen?
If you are selected as a candidate for moderator you will be put on a 2 week probation period as a Trial-Mod to see if you are truly cut out for the job. If you pass you will be promoted to the full position of Moderator.

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