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Application Template Empty Application Template

Thu May 28, 2020 5:27 am
We are opening applications for Content Creators, Twitch Streamers, YouTubers, Facebook Streamers or any other media sharing site for people to advertise the server!

A list of things that you can do with the rank
•Access GMSP (Gamemode Spectator)
•Teleport to players
•Access a private discord category
•Access a private chat in Minecraft
•Able to host giveaways in Discord
•Beta Access to new events and server features
•Inside knowledge of planned updates

•An active audience of 100+ (Subscribers / Stream viewers)
•Must make a video on Solis Imperium at least once per week
•Have the IP of the server in video and in description
•Interact with the player base
•Be a role model (Meaning you should not break the rules)

What does creator rank entitle
As a Creator, you have access to features normal players don't. These are only to be used only to be funny and entertaining to the playerbase or your content. These are not be used for any advantage. You must not abuse your powers. You have access to secret upcoming updates which you must not share. You can hint to them in videos etc but no give out the entire thing.

Channel URL:
How many average views do you get per month:
Do you accept the requirements:

Post the application template in the Content Creator Application forum and wait for a reply from an admin.

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